About Us

There are two views of HR.

Business owners often see the negative side where there is red tape and legislation that they have to adhere to. Often this side of HR is the bit that people hate, they feel confused by the laws and unsure of how it helps them run a business.

The positive side of HR is when initiatives and schemes can help to unlock the full potential of your employees and drive your business forward. Whether it’s benefit schemes, training and development or helping to resolve problems with employees.

Work In Progress can help you with both of these sides of HR. The majority of our clients come to us when they’re facing an HR problem. Whether it’s recruiting enough high-quality staff, managing disciplinary actions or wrestling with the contracts, policies or procedures that they need to have. We help them to resolve those problems.

We often then go on to have long-term relationships with our clients where we can help them to implement the side of HR which will super-charge their business. We’ve helped our clients to implement workplace wellbeing and benefits packages and we’ve implemented world-class leadership programmes.

Whatever you’re thinking about HR right now – give us a call or email us and we can give you a free consultation to see how we can help to progress.